Travel Checklist For Newbies

There are many ways to go on holiday. You can be spontaneous, save money through last-minute deals, book early, travel in groups or solo, or stay in hotels or guest houses. The options are endless.

If you’re new to traveling, figuring out what’s best for you can be challenging. There’s plenty of information out there. But, most of it is either too general or concentrated on a specific style of travel which might not suit your needs.

In this guide, we’ll give you the travel checklist if you’re traveling for the first time. Read on!

What’s The Ultimate Travel Check List?

Waterproof makeup kit
Lightweight slippers or flip flops for use inside a hotel room or hostel
Extra feet pillow
Travel-size tissues
Comfortable walking shoes
Camera, extra batteries, and memory cards
Travel document holder
Portable source of power

Travel Tips for Newbies

Don’t pack too much
Never forget your passport
Research the weather
Keep the crucial things close at hand
Avoid packing liquids if possible (opt for travel size bottles)
Take comfortable clothing that’s appropriate for the destination

Find out about local laws and customs before traveling to unfamiliar locations so you can act appropriately